Stay ahead of competition... Cultivate a Culture of Innovation using Lean

The Lean Lounge aids in aligning culture with strategy increasing your workforce productivity leading to innovation. Our Lean culture accelerator is focused on maturing technology culture and transforming organizations to operate as a Lean Startup. 

Becoming a Lean organization by adopting Agile is more about creating the conditions for Agile to thrive rather than simply teaching people a new process or a new way of thinking. The journey towards transformation is about systematically removing barriers to eliminate waste, increase innovation, and to consistently meet or exceed your organization's business goals.

Lean Lounge Services



We specialize in cultivating a Lean culture for innovation acceleration for each of our clients.



We design and implement culture identity models to empower Lean systems thinking for each client.



We perform a quantitative cost-benefit analysis of your entire product portfolio to maximize ROI.

Why Lean Lounge?

Culture Affects Revenue, Profits, and the Bottom Line 

  • The average cost of employee turnover can cost 4-6 times an employee’s salary.

  • Profits increase as employees find happiness working, decreasing wasted time.

  • Reduce costs of training as your employees remain at your company longer.

Workforce Demographic Upheaval

With large numbers of baby boomers leaving the workforce and the number of millennials in the workplace growing at an incredible rate, workplace demographics are in upheaval. This upheaval is due to the vast differences between the baby boomers, generation X-ers, and millennials.

Lean Culture Accelerator

Gaining optimal value through a Lean Systems Thinking approach to software development can be challenging. Your team may lack Lean & Agile experience and communications with offshore resources may be frustrating. With effective collaboration and cultural revitalization, overcoming these challenges is a breeze. We have found that there are three make-or-break factors needed to optimize collaboration and results on any engagement:

  • Fit with corporate culture: Similar organizational norms, communication styles, business model understanding, and adaptability to change
  • Partner compatibility: Provider that is flexible and committed to client satisfaction
  • Delivery satisfaction: Demonstrated track record with enterprise organizations

Operating with core Lean and Agile tenets will allow you to maintain, capture or increase marketshare while keeping the competition in the rear view mirror using our proprietary model built from over 15 years of worldwide Lean & Agile consulting.

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If you have innovation goals and are serious about getting there, contact us, we'll get you there. 


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