Experience Design

The experience design practice, Dauntless, manufactures great brands by building new products that bring value to people, transforming the companies behind them. We craft 360 degree experiences for clients to convey the right message to their audience(s). 

Dauntless Services


Digital Strategy

We build complete digital approaches that include planning, content strategy, and platform. Our strategists are well-versed in human factors, emerging technologies, and transactional systems. Conducting effective ideation sessions and concept tests empower us to draw actionable insights from user research, while understanding how brand promises can be realized in product experiences.


Experience Design

Our digital experiences are elegant, intuitive, and built for a mobile world. Our designers are passionate about moving from paper to code quickly to gain business and end-user validation. We observe behavior, invent new products and services, and get them built “lean” to accelerate learning.  We appreciate clean, function-forward design.


Product Incubation

We support the full product lifecycle from invention to prototype. Our engineers are highly talented programmers who deploy performant, well-tested applications in short cycles and utilize quality focused engineering practices, including merciless refactoring, automated testing, and scripted deployments, to effectively and rapidly realize product visions.

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