Agile Software Development

The STATEMENT BlackOps Lab is an elite team of poly-skilled software engineers (we are multi-lingual) dedicated to delivering high quality technology solutions. Our team is grounded in Lean Startup principals as well as Agile methodologies. From large corporations to smaller startup organizations- we collaborate with your team, focus on process and technique and help you deliver superior products on time and within budget.

STATEMENT has strong intellectual capital and their resources offer thought leadership and subject matter expertise that is on the forefront of the ever changing and complex technical landscape. I’ve partnered with STATEMENT on several high risk high reward initiatives and they have been instrumental in helping us reach our arc of ambition and deliver game changing benefits to our customers.
— Program Manager - Fortune 200

Blackops Lab Services


Our enterprise application and mobility experts are dedicated with laser focus to developing technology that elevates client brand sentiment. Our Lean and Agile techniques yield quality every time. Whether we immerse ourselves with your team to help course correct, rapidly prototype and build a new MVP, or deliver a technology tune-up, we are here to provide valuable insights that yield value over time.


Our software engineers augment your team on-site or at out lab allowing you to scale-up/down with ease and without co-employment risks. With our engineers co-located with your key staff members, we will increase velocity, reduce risk, and maximize optimization of your organization, using best practices.  Our mission is simple: To amplify your greatness.


STATEMENT thrives in challenging environments and will help you to modernize your technology framework thru implementation of best practices and core fixes. Whether it's a complete system re-build or surgical replacements of failed algorithms, our experts can help. Let's pull those forgotten about apps into the future. 

If you have the Staff Augmentation blues, contact STATEMENT. We have a unique alternative to traditional staff augmentation for Agile Software Development.

What makes the Blackops Lab different? See for yourself.


Our dev team moves impressively fast and is super efficient in making decisions about architecting, building, deploying, and fixing systems issues. Further, functional and technical disagreements are resolved swiftly, maintaining a lightning-quick balance. This swarm mentality results in a unified product that is well planned and thought out.

Problem Solvers

Our software engineers are true problem solvers. Writing code is only a tiny part of what we do — most of the work involves solving complex problems and elegant solution design to overcome client or industry limitations. 


There's an old saying, "The best software engineers are lazy."  They aren't really lazy, but if you ask a developer to do something more than once, they will invent a program to solve the repetitive task. In this sense, our software engineers are definitely lazy, but they are also business minded and understand when to automate and when to generalize for re-use.


A good swiss army knife can work wonders and our software engineers know when to generalize a function to fit other use cases. They are also smart and know when to simply make a targeted change, use a scalpel, instead of generalizing code. 

Continually Improve

Our software engineers are curious by nature and easily board, hence the desire to continually improve and to continuously learn. They are polyglot, which means they know a number of different programming languages and are always interested in learning new ones. They know — and have strong opinions about — a large number of frameworks and libraries. They have an insatiable appetite for exploring everything from new technologies, algorithms, new open source libraries to watching SpaceX land a rocket on a barge in the middle of the ocean.


Experience the STATEMENT Way to Better Agile Software Development

If you are tired of slow software development timelines, failing to build the right product - the first time, and tired of the walls between the technical and business team, contact us and know Trust and Transparency.


STATEMENT has vision, precision, and leadership that helped us tremendously in our build out of micro-services and AWS deployments. This company is an extension of our team!
— Senior Director - Nike, Inc.