STATEMENT software engineers, designers, and Lean culture innovators create the perfect unity of balance and form to elevate you to the future. We understand and speak the same language across disciplines and work within our unified methodology to evolve and elevate our clients.



STATEMENT Lean Lounge aids in aligning culture with strategy - increasing your workforce productivity. Our lean culture accelerator leads the culture journey by introducing Lean and Agile principles. We specialize in Lean Culture Strategy, Lean Culture Design, and Lean Culture Metrics. More...


STATEMENT Dauntless discovers opportunities for building the right thing - that creates value for the brand’s customers - and do it as quickly as possible employing a diverse range of design methods. We specialize in Digital Strategy, Experience Design, and Product Incubation. More...


STATEMENT BlackOps Lab is an elite corps of poly-skilled software engineers dedicated to delivering quality enterprise software solutions or apps at startup pace. We specialize in Application Development, Tech Team Augmentation, and Legacy Modernization. More...


Because of STATEMENT’s ability to build relationship with all levels of our organization, and their leadership and technical know-how, major international business initiatives were accomplished on time and within budget.
— Program Manager - AIG