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ATLANTA, GA--(February 11, 2014) Simple. Precise. Powerful. Flexible. It has just become easier for enterprises to automate web application testing while increasing speed to market and reducing software development costs. JazzAutomation, a robust, fully featured automated testing framework has released its next official version. With JazzAutomation, enterprises are finding defects earlier in their development life cycles and reducing regression times by as much as 75% while also reducing quality assurance labor costs by as much as 80%.  Companies are welcome to review a case study and decide if the benefits of Jazz Automation are right for their organization.  After configuring tests in Jazz Automation for a few use cases, Scott Hardegree of Health Information Designs, LLC said, “Pretty sweet guys!  I especially like the reporting piece, and of course, the ability to take a user story and easily translate it into an actual useable test script.  You have just saved a good many folks here from a lot of mind numbing manual work.”

This new version makes it easier than ever for business users, QA analysts, and stakeholders to use JazzAutomation thanks to new native Microsoft Windows and OSX executable versions. Further, we have added our new Dynamic Action Framework that will allow JazzAutomation to be used for functional automated testing for organizations that are not utilizing continuous delivery/integration and who require even more flexibility. Please visit our site for a complete list of features.

The latest version includes:

  • Dynamic Action Framework
  • Native OSX version (Beta release)
  • Native Microsoft Windows version (Beta release)
  • Updated examples show internationalization and dynamic jQuery injection

JazzAutomation is built and supported by STATEMENT.



STATEMENT (http://www.statementcorp.com) is a software and IT consulting company focused on custom software, eCommerce, automated testing, and continuous delivery. We are accelerating our business partners with smart solutions!  MAKE A STATEMENT. If you would like more information about STATEMENT please visit http://www.statementcorp.com or contact STATEMENT at 800.640.5589.


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