Our Lean & Agile methodology for bi-modal and Agile organizations will help you to organize and function based on Lean principles, deliver breathtaking experiences, and bring your products/services to market at Lean start-up pace. Our process affords clients transparency from start to finish.



Each project kicks-off with Lean Lounge to work through an Innovation Assessment that allows us to baseline and effectively measure (cultural and process) progress at the organizational level.  We then set the product owner and one-of-a-kind multi-disciplinary innovation team that allows for product feature story telling that will allow everyone to experience the product incubation to completion journey. Culture, process, and strategy are continuously evolved over the life of the project.


In the design phase we use our proprietary Lean system design for process refining. Lean culture acceleration makes "big small" for our large clients and brings a flexible methodology to our small clients. Shredding waste is the goal. We then focus on Feature story telling and requirement refining so that all features are complete and ready for development. Lastly, we drive through a series of sub-steps with our Dauntless practice for UX Design and Visual Design for powerful experiences.


In the development phase poly-skilled software engineers from Blackops Lab or from your dev team pull features for implementation. Additional detail is obtained by holding story telling sessions with the innovation team established in phase one if required. Software engineers are free to collaborate with others or work independently. Devops is in our blood and allows for continuous testing, automation and early involvement alpha testing for end users. 



The final stage is project launch and is entirely dependent on client strategy. Since we deploy Lean and Agile techniques from start to finish, there are no giant deployment tasks to be completed here. We simply open up access for end users, celebrate, gather feedback, adjust, and deploy.