Agile Development and REST AWS Micro Services

Business Challenge

Global Retail corporation suffered during new product launch events from slow and unreliable user registrations and logins.  Product launches are marketed through the US and globally (depending on the product) with campaigns which lead to a high amount of traffic and unfortunately includes BOT traffic. The global eCommerce site would begin to falter with traffic as low as 100-200 customer registrations and logins per second.

The desired solution was a platform that is capable of handling 500+ user registrations and logins per second for up to 4 hours. Combatting BOT product purchases was was identified as an additional desired new business process.


STATEMENT implemented a set of REST cloud micro services in AWS which consisted of over 7 clusters of micro services. The system is event based (CQRS), highly available, fault tolerant, eventually consistent to meet business demands. These services serve as a foundational system for user profile information that is utilized by iOS and Android mobile apps. Typical HTML based web applications also utilize these services. Our client selected the NetflixOSS stack for management tools. Several data stores are used to optimize performance of each use case. Since the solution is an event based system, Cassandra is used to hold the time based events. Elastic Search is used to support full search capabilities while Couchbase is used for general profile caching. Redis is used for all other general key based reference data.  


STATEMENT created the new event based system was able to handle 600 user registrations and logins per second during the alpha phase.  Continuing forward, the system has been tested with up to 1,200 user registrations and logins per second with zero system degradation. Initial data load rates were one million transactions per minute.  A new business process was implemented by the client to combat BOT purchases and implemented by the team which included mobile phone verification.

The new user profile system has yielded more consistent login and registration requests resulting in improved user satisfaction for the global retail giant.