Digital with Lean and Agile

The digital age has shaken the very core of virtually every industry worldwide. This trend has led STATEMENT to focus on futurism which in turn allows our clients to see new trends and make anticipatory decisions in an Agile fashion. 

The tech landscape is constantly changing

The ubiquitous nature of technology means companies must be everywhere, all the time. That's a tall order for large Global 1000 companies. Large enterprises often have a long history of strong enterprise controls, making them appear rigid when compared to Lean startups. Their answer - creating a digital organization within their company that fosters innovation, but this type of bi-modal approach only leads to short term success with a few inherent flaws:

  1. It exacerbates tension between the two groups of IT as they vie for resources and influence.
  2. It entrenches the risk-averse side of IT leading to a very long transition towards innovation.
  3. It assumes that quality is something to trade-off for speed. This is false.

Companies want results faster and cheaper

Companies must fully embrace digital to become multi-modal and dynamic. The Home Depot is a great example of a company that embraced digital and used technology startup workplace habits to "make over" their entire IT organization. Another great example is Nike, who initially took a bi-modal approach, but is on the way towards unification of it's core technology groups to expand digital offerings to all consumers and partners, reduce friction, and to capitalize on internal and external knowledge.

Is your company attempting to navigate unfamiliar waters?  How can we help you to achieve success with digital?