When considering to choose from different consulting firms, the large organizations are generally more inclined towards hiring a more renowned consulting brand because large consulting firms doubtlessly provide more sound services through their conscientious professionals. Initially, this decision might seem very simple but foregoing a large consulting firm in favor of a boutique consultancy could turn out to be a better choice to achieve better results for comparatively less expense in most cases. While the big consulting companies do come with their own perks like offering diversified services with a more international or national scope, smaller consulting firms provide other value and benefits to their clients. Thus, the services provided by boutique consulting firms should be given more importance by large organizations for their projects.
Now let’s have a look at all the advantages that a small consultancy provides when choosing niche consultants over the ones with diverse expertise:

The fact that clients get more personalized services when dealing with niche consultants cannot be ignored due to their Open Door policy between the management and the employees, ensuring transparent operations and collaborative work. When you engage a lean boutique firm, its lead consultant/partner will likely work on your project, unlike larger firms who provide their guru sparingly, if at all. The Size of the boutique firm is its main defining characteristic. As a consequence, more senior consultants, specialized in their specific fields, are assigned to a client at a lower cost. This helps in achieving a satisfactory outcome that aligns with enterprise success as well.

Niche consulting firms usually focus on specific business or technology issue, thereby providing narrowly focused effective solutions which save time by getting the task done more quickly. As a consequence when small consultancies utilize their expertise in specific subject areas, they gain an advantage of solving problems more creativity, innovation, and provide flexible services targeting their client’s requirements. Consultancy is a huge industry where firms constantly work to conform to the needs of their client and ideas are just products of the processes. But when it comes to altering the old and proven methods throughout large consultancies as the innovation search ensues, it becomes a very time-consuming process. Thus, large consultancies are less adaptive to innovation than boutique consulting firms.

Boutique firms often provide laser focus on their customers for obvious reasons. When you work with the boutique consultancy, there is little doubt what customer has the focus: yours. However, when the project leader on your team is a member of a big firm, there are two customers: your enterprise and the consultant’s boss. In fact, there may be many layers of internal bosses, all of whom must be satisfied for the consultant to succeed professionally. Boutique consultancies offer the added luxury of highly focused services and your success is their success.
Projects are not all always designed to appeal to a large or a small consulting firm necessarily. Enterprises should refrain from choosing only the large, familiar consulting brands. Just because a firm has a big name and reputation, does not mean that it will yield better final results on a cost-effective basis. To ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation, enterprises should consider specialized consulting firms according to their specific needs as they are more responsive and cost-effective and tend to resolve issues more creatively.
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