Unrivaled Value

STATEMENT is revolutionizing the business application development industry by reducing the friction between business management and software engineers with our unique methodology and toolkit for bi-modal organizations. The current alternatives are inadequate because staff augmentation and traditional consulting do not specifically address how to report progress or value to business management, how to rapidly produce market ready products, or how to accurately measure the value of IT and the products being developed.

With our unique methodology, we help organizations to: function based on Lean principles, deliver breath taking experiences, and bring those products to market at start-up pace. We manage projects from inception to completion or provide strategic help on an isolated basis.

Scaled Innovation

In this new day, we understand the advances in computing power are beginning to slow and that companies will need to become more creative to gain competitive advantage. This means companies must adjust the process by which products are conceived, they must create powerful yet simple designs, and the they must deliver highly efficient products quickly. Scaling applications horizontally works for now, but the efficiency pendulum is swinging back towards software engineers and designers.

Staff Augmentation Fatigue Solved

Do you have software engineers who understand efficiency or do you have typical business application software engineers from a mix of staff augmentation providers and consultancies? STATEMENT has been there and we understand all the pitfalls with traditional staff augmentation. It looks great on paper, but often business are penalized by forcing help out the door because a magic number of billable hours has been reached. This usually happens at the very worst possible time. Further, mandating assignment limits (maximum hours on an assignment) is not an effective way to avoid co-employment. Allow STATEMENT to augment your workforce without the worry of co-employment or maxing out on assignment hours.

Trust & Transparency

If you, like many other businesses, are suffering through staff augmentation pain, traditional consulting fatigue, and lackluster product development, contact STATEMENT. We will open your company to an entirely new way of innovation with Trust and Transparency.

Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

We are a certified minority owned and operated boutique designed specifically to help everyone from the fortune 1000s to startups. 


For more information on the next major shift in computing power please read After Moore's Law and Intel Accepts That Moore’s Law Is Finally Dead.


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