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STATEMENT leverages a distinctive combination of industry expertise, technical depth and differentiated services to deliver value through world-class management and IT consulting to our clients. With hundreds of Fortune 100 & 500 projects to our credit, we deliver product and service leadership for complex enterprise size applications and smaller right-sized solutions.

Custom Software

Custom Software

STATEMENT solves globally challenging business problems with enterprise solutions and services.  Our team has deep expertise in many platforms and languages. Our team consistently provides custom software services that meet and exceed client expectations.

STATEMENT provides:

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

STATEMENT has the extensive experience required to help businesses tackle complex issues by aligning the right technical and business solutions to organizational needs and goals.

Beyond software development, we provide the following services to create a truly custom fit for each initiative.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting
  • Enterprise System Optimization
  • Architecture Review
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Processes Engineering

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Albert Einstein

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Statement making full-service solutions expertise.

Statement was made by two ex-Big Five business consultants who recognized the need for companies to move from a place of redundancy and inefficiency to a place of nimble, responsiveness and agility, while maintaining responsible corporate stewardship.

STATEMENT listens and brings deep capability to understand your business and technical challenges. By submerging ourselves deep into the latest and greatest technologies, we have equipped ourselves with practical experience, ambitious resolve and an evolved view of what it means to be ‘Capable’. It’s our collective belief that some of the world’s most complex challenges can be faced and resolved with a combination of luck, skill, and maybe the right application or app! It’s this mindset that fuels our practice of Exploration and Ambition to build a cutting edge software and consulting company that also strives to be environmentally friendly in our operational approach. Our primary NAICS codes are 541511 and 541512.

Exploration… we are constantly exploring new technologies so that we can provide best-of-breed consulting services to our clients. It’s not enough to be just good or even great and thus we take pride in being being proficient and diverse as cross-functional professionals and even better people.

Ambition… we are ambitious enough to tackle tough business scenarios where most software and consulting companies would choose to walk away. With this ambition comes a tenacity to put our heads together to find a solution to even the most complex and multifaceted business problems. We look high and low to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution for our clients.
Our best asset has been and always will be our team; we foster the creative spirit of each of our members with hopes that we enable/allow them to become their best professional selves.

Our team is dynamic.     Our team is selfless.    Our team is relentless.

Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.

Bill Gates


Behind STATEMENT’s breakthrough thinking are passionate thought leaders, people who are driving innovative customer solutions every day within key areas of global businesses. We value excellence and diversity. Get to know STATEMENT’s most innovative thinkers, explore their unique perspectives, areas of expertise, and visions for making unique STATEMENT’s for the future.

Dedrick Boyd

Relationship Manager + Technology Innovator

Portland, Oregon

Over 13 years of extensive experience in technology in a variety of industries including retail, pharmaceutical, media and entertainment, healthcare, and financial services. Dedrick has worked for Arthur Andersen LLP, Raining Data, Deloitte Consulting, and Ariba. Dedrick is a STATEMENT maker.

Education: BS, Florida State University

Kendall Flagg

Relationship Manager + Business Trailblazer

Atlanta, Georgia

Over 12 years of extensive experience in technology in a variety of industries including retail, pharmaceutical, communications and financial services. Kendall has worked for Arthur Andersen LLP and as an entrepreneur for a decade. Kendall is a STATEMENT maker.

Education: BS, Florida State University

Lukas Bradley

Developer + Technology Evangalist

Atlanta, Georgia

Over 21 years experience with enterprise software in highly available environments in a wide variety of industries including telecom, retail, and finance. Lukas has worked for IBM, Arthur Andersen LLP, and Nike, as well as founding companies in the consulting and video game industries. Lukas is a STATEMENT maker.

Education: BS, Georgia Institute of Technology

Kent Tsvirko-Godytsky

Business Analyst + Business Coordinator

Portland, Oregon

Eleven years background in international, banking/financial and IT consulting industries. Kent's work experience includes utilizing strong analytic abilities, complex marketing and financial analysis skills in complex with business support skills. Kent has worked for Ukrgasbank, AeroSvit Airlines and IT consulting companies. Kent is a STATEMENT maker.

Education: MS, Kyiv National Economic University






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